Eerste prijs op het wereld vlechtfestival te Polen! (08-2023)

Gepubliceerd op 27 oktober 2023
The ‘GRAN PRIX’ for our son at the world wicker and weaving festival in Poland.
He was praised for his finesse, regularity and precision. Given his young age, he is only 20, the jury sees him as an ambassador for the future.
We’ve come a long way together. He grew up with the smell of willow around him.
When he was 8 years old he visited the ‘korbmarkt’ in Lichtenfels Germany with us. Here he first came into contact with the fine work and the fascination arose.
At the age of eleven he followed a first workshop at @esmehofman the start of something beautiful. We looked for opportunities to really learn the profession so that he could chase his dream. An apprentice master trajectory and with a lot of dedication many, many hours of practice has brought him where he is now.
Dear darling of ours, cherish where you come from, to find out where you want to go. We are incredibly proud of you!
Your moeke and vake
27 augustus 2023
Poznan Polen.